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Representing over 100 medical subspecialties, our high quality medical experts are hand-select specifically for your case.

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With over 1000 physicians providing consultations across the USA, Macedonia, Bosnia, Philippines, Peru, Caribbean, and other countries in Europe and Africa; Medsurity Experts is a full-service talent-sourcing company. Throughout your case, we are there to provide support litigation-focused support to legal and insurance professionals.

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At Medsurity, a physician or nurse will answer every call. We understand litigation and want to make the process efficient and high-yield for both you and our experts.

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Discuss your case with us at no cost. We will identify and clarify the issues involved and suggest the optimal expert witnesses for your case.

About Medsurity Experts

Medsurity Experts will provide the most qualified expert for your case. Our experts are board-certified, fellowship-trained, well-published, in active practice, and have vast experience with medicolegal consulting – including Wrongful Death cases, Nursing Home Negligence, Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs), Certificates of Merit, Opinion Statements and Affidavits, Automobile Vehicle Accidents, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury.Defense Base Act, Court Martials, Attorney General office consultations, war hazard claims, functional capacity evaluation, and death claim investigations. We are your source for top-tier physician consultant talent

Medsurity Experts is a collaboration of high-level Medical Expert

Expert Witness Support

Expert witness support for any medical case provided by highest-level experts.

Testimony and Opinions

Testimony and opinions that are unbiased, with a prompt turn around.


Evaluation of duty, breach, harm, and causation.

Affidavits and Analysis

Affidavits, analysis, reports, and Independent Medical Exams

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Does Medsurity advertise in legal journals?

No, we rely on word-of-mouth references and a client’s prior experience. We find that familiarity with our high product is the best form of advertisement, and allows us to continue to grow.

Is there any way for Medsurity to assure our client of a certain opinion prior to a consult?

No. Without reviewing the case materials, there is no consultant affiliated with Radsurity or any other company who can guarantee a case outcome or what their opinion will be prior to reviewing the facts.

If a client has an immediate deadline, can Medsurity help?

Yes, our consultation process is efficient. We can almost always meet expedited deadlines, sometimes providing a consult, and a signed and notarized affidavit within 24 hours.

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