Does Medsurity advertise in legal journals?2021-09-15T18:02:19+00:00

No, we rely on word-of-mouth references and a client’s prior experience. We find that familiarity with our high product is the best form of advertisement, and allows us to continue to grow.

Is there any way for Medsurity to assure our client of a certain opinion prior to a consult?2015-10-23T20:34:06+00:00

NO. Without reviewing the case materials, there is no consultant affiliated with Radsurity or any other company who can guarantee a case outcome or what their opinion will be prior to reviewing the facts.

If a client has an immediate deadline, can Medsurity help?2015-10-23T20:33:28+00:00

YES. Our consultation process is efficient. We can almost always meet  expedited deadlines, sometimes providing a consult, and a signed and notarized affidavit within 24 hours.

How much is a consultation by Medsurity?2015-10-23T20:31:39+00:00

The initial phone consultation is free. After the MedSurity expert consultants is hand-selected for your case, an hourly consulting fee would apply. Usually testimony/deposition rates are slightly higher. All fees are available upon request. Medsurity will be responsible for billing which facilitates the consultation process.

Does Medsurity offer experts in areas outside of the medical fields?2021-09-15T18:02:19+00:00

YES. Our expert databases contain thousands of high-quality experts in nonmedical fields who are willing and ready to consult on your case.

If my firm will have many cases for consult, does Medsurity offer any discounted rates?2021-09-15T18:02:19+00:00

YES. We strive to form a good working relationship with our clients. We are able to offer a promotional discount for clients based on volume of cases requiring review. We are also able to offer a courtesy discount for new clients to establish a good relationship. Sometimes one case will require more than one expert from different subspecialties, and we are happy to apply a discount for that as well.

What is the Medsurity Guarantee?2021-09-15T18:02:19+00:00

Medsurity guarantees a professional consultation service with highest-level experts. The satisfaction of our clients is of utmost importance to us.

What are the qualifications of the Medsurity experts?2015-10-23T20:29:59+00:00

Medsurity experts are board-certified, fellowship trained, highly published, in active practice, and with training consisting of top-tiered programs. Each expert is hand-selected for your case committed to work with you throughout the litigation. Our experts are not only physicians, but also nurses, therapists, and administrators.

Does Medsurity guarantee a positive opinion from the expert witness?2015-08-30T16:49:51+00:00

Absolutely not.  Our experts are impartial, professional, and loyal to the medical facts.  If a case lacks merit, our experts will explain why.  They will answer your questions and provide a basis for their opinion.  The facts are the facts.  We guarantee that our expert will explore them, but we never guarantee an outcome.